Eddie Oberbichler's 2D Animation Showreel 2012-2013

Welcome to "docobe dot com"

Edward Oberbichler is a Melbourne based animator who has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Animation & Interactive Media) at RMIT. He has been animating or at least mucking around with Flash since 1999, but since has turned a hobby into a passion. This website is a portal for potential employers, clients, admirers and general interest to engage with Edward and his work. This website features Edward's most recent animations and other creations, as well as his current showreel above.

Edward can be contacted at docobe@gmail.com about work in 2D Animation, Music Videos, Contract Work and small Design Work. Edward animates in 2D using: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom's Animate Pro and is proficient in the use of the rest of the Adobe suite for design purposes. He is also available to work collaboratively or independently for sound design using: Avid Pro Tools and Abelton Live, as well as other sound programs. For more information on Edward's skillset and work experience feel free to download his current cv (available below) along with links to his social media and creative pages.

Eddie Oberbichler's Current CV
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